Simple pleasures In Lagos City


In life, pleasure can be derived from many things.  It could be a new car for some, jewellery for others and money for some. But I’ve gotten the privilege of experiencing the most basic pleasures we often over look.

I recently moved bases, like I said in my last post here, for a school program I’m currently doing. I won’t say it’s culture shock  (as I’ve lived in this town before), but having to relearn the things that were normal for me, isn’t as easy as I thought. I’ve been here for about week and I feel as though this has been going on for an hour or so. But I really must say, there’s beauty in the chaos that is Lagos city.


I’m back to having to be alert 24/7. Hopping buses and the occasional . Constantly having change. Having a pair of bathroom slippers in my bag (I learnt that the hard way). Having a surge of adrenaline constantly, waiting for the slightest indication of trouble. (Lol).

Simple pleasures in the midst of the chaos;


  • The hot loaf of agege bread I had for breakfast. Sold at N100 as opposed to the N50 I was used to.
  • The  super yogo I bought at N70 on the road while stuck in traffic. Who else knows and has experienced the delight the sachet provides?IMG-20130817-01280
  • Begging the keke man to take me across the road because I was too scared to cross and the also because the road was murky. He ended up taking me across for free (bless his soul).
  • Yelling out ‘o wa’ when the bus reaches my stop.
  • The conversation I had with the ‘ewa goin’ (I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling) vendor on the street about food hygiene  (she sold her food near a trash can)


The basic/ most simple things can bring pleasure, at least for me.


Happy fathers day to all the wonderful fathers out there. We love and appreciate you!


What simple pleasures have you indulged in?

I’d love to know what you think. Leave a comment below.

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