My Mini Haul


So I went shopping! It was unplanned, but I gave into the urge to purchase items. Its painful to see so many things and be unable to get them all, because bank account balance :(. Anyways, lets dive into the purchases.

Owl Pendant Necklace

IMG-20160521-WA0018 (2)

If you didn’t know before, know now, I’m a sucker for anything that has owls on them. They just fascinate me. I think my love for owls is related to my love for Harry Potter and owls played a major role in the series. So yeah. I found them by the payment counter and just knew I had to get one. I will love love love using this to accessorize or just wear at home doing nothing.


IMG-20160521-WA0018 (3)

For as long as I can remember (3 years) I’ve always wanted sneakers but i never got a pair because each time I was about to click the send button on online stores ( Jumia or Konga), I would chicken out. Its not easy to get shoes in my size that I love. Its honestly a struggle I’m tired of having.

So, whenever I find shoes that ‘feet’ (<- get it?) and I love, I try not to hesitate in snatching them up except its not possible. So I think I’ll call this pair lucky, because we were about leaving the mall when we spotted the sh0p and me, being the pessimist that I am, tried to put down going in because i was battling between sleep, hunger and tiredness, but the optimists won. We walked in and walked around a bit. While my companions were snatching things off the racks and browsing, I could only think of my bed at home, till my friend called me to the shoe section. I didn’t pay attention here either because shops like this always carry small sizes and I mentioned that just for her to say there were shoes available in my size. Believe me that got my attention.

So, its a big deal to find a pair in my size. I didn’t even care that they were identical to the pair my friend was getting .

A ‘Not So Little’ Black DressIMG-20160521-WA0018 (4)

I know I’m supposed to working on getting out of the black zone, but when I saw this dress I knew it was meant for me. Regardless the fact that it is 2 sizes bigger than what I wear :(. I probably will work on reducing it or not. I’m still trying to make up my mind.

This dress goes down to around slightly below mid thigh (though I’m not a fan of that length) and has the cutest necklace attached and pleats (I didn’t get any shots that would do justice to it, so just trust my description). Can it get more beautiful? It was love at first sight! And pocket friendly too. I see this dress taking part in future events in my life.

Haul Details

Dress- Mr price, Shoprite- N3800

Sneakers- PEP, Shoprite- N3000

Necklace- Mr price, Shoprite- N700

What are the things you can’t pass without getting in a mall?

What’s your take on online shopping?

What are your soft spots in jewellery?

What are the challenges you face when shopping?

Drop your comments down below pretty please!

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